12.24.2008 | By: Alisa Callos

Nana’s Kitchen

Today I want to wish you Happy Holiday’s and send best wishes for a wonderful New Year. I also wanted to let you know that I have started a new blog with my mother called Nana’s Kitchen. You can find it here. We plan to post yummy recipes and other things that catch our interest. I hope you will like what we find.

PS. Is anyone else having trouble with titles and lables self translating into some foreign language?


Valerie Geary said...

I checked it out and I love this blog idea! I am so putting it on my list of blogs to follow. And those raspberry cookies look scrumptious! It's too late to try them now, but they would make a good New Year's treat!

Marguerite said...

What a great idea for a blog! I also think it is wonderful that you and your mom have this joint project. Those raspberry cookies look delicious--I think this is a recipe that daughter Sunshine & I will need to try. Happy New Year!

"Sunshine" said...

Alisa, I've been getting such a kick out of reading your comments--they're brilliant! Also, I just realized that dictionary.com has been giving us word of the day in alphabetical order! I'm surprised that I didn't get suspicious on "Xanthous." Thought you'd get a kick out of that. Thanks for being such a faithful reader, also. I'm really enjoying the Chadwick/Amelia story. Keep 'em comin'!

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